Buy Arrows

The same features as the previous one On Package with the addition of the following.

  • Commission (3%) when selling an apartment to a person outside the company.
  • Preferred installment period 42 months.
  • Money Back Guarantee + Interest (70%).
  • Get a lifetime project.

Explanation of the project of life

Explanation of the Independent Representative Opportunity

The company gives you a special opportunity to register by renting your own platform at a price of (53,000) DZD inside the company’s official website.

  • 48000 DZD to benefit from all the services mentioned in the second and third phases.
  • 5000 DZD maintenance rights for a year.

The advantages of advertising and publicity through a well-studied marketing plan are as follows:

Weekly profit cap

500,000 DZD


15 days


1,000,000 DZD


30 days

Profits are withdrawn every 15 days if you subscribe to Im-housing





30 % CCP

70 %