On Package

After you register with IM-MONEY, you will be transferred to this package, which gives you great advantages and features that help you to get things quickly and at the lowest cost.

  • Obtaining a reduction (-10%) of the apartment price outside the company.
  • The (cash back) feature, or what is known as cashback in the case of purchase and payment, up to (10%).
  • In the case of pressing (Im housing) to own your home in installments for a period of 36 months, the company allows you to complete the amount of the house, whether from side income or family income, which is (30%) the rest.
  • The possibility of entering the real company project (Im housing) (IH) and earning your own home.
  • The possibility of paying from your marketing profits for the company by clicking on the (Im housing) box so that you can pay (70%) all of your marketing profits.
  • The rest of your marketing profits can be withdrawn, which represents 30% of the rest of your marketing profits to manage your daily expenses.
  • In case of sale, get a commission of the sale (2%).
  • Increase the installment period for 36 months.
  • The advantage of being able to buy shares in the company and participate in building a property (participatory financing).

In the event that 36 months are completed and there is a deficit in paying the right of the house